I love being busy, I love taking on multiple challenges and working towards my long list of goals in order to achieve what I have always dreamt of achieving.

Though sometimes it’s really hard to stop, reflect and appreciate all the things I have already accomplished.

“Take your passion and make it happen” is what I go by.


  • If I had to use 1 word to describe myself, “Determined” would be at the top of my list. Determined to achieve what I have set for myself, whether that be start a business or pursue my passions in sports, business or lifestyle.


  • In my eyes, determination comes alongside resilience.


  • Recently I have been hearing the word “resilience” often when being around entrepreneurial people and it’s really interesting how differently people cope with stressful situations; whether that be with sports, meditation or prayers.


  • I have always used sports, physical activities and the outdoors to allow me to free my mind, de-stress and improve my levels of focus. However, I have also experienced some sort of burn-out due to stress, or DOING TOO MUCH (which is what I prefer to call it).


  • So, this is where you realise I am not actually giving you the solution to avoiding burn-out, but trying to find a solution or a way of avoiding it.


  • I am very good at planning, organising my time, saying YES too often in order to find new opportunities and get closer to achieving my dreams. I love the fact that my brain doesn’t stop, that I am often coming up with new ideas that I would love to put into practice.. The trouble is I don’t have enough time to take 80% of them forward. I believe my brain sometimes goes into over drive and NO, I don’t like being bored.


  • However, I do love sitting on the beach in the sun and doing nothing for a while and surfing..I find surfing a way of meditating. So maybe that’s my answer to avoiding burn-out?


  • I would love to hear from other “crazy” people, entrepreneurs, business owners, content creators, freelancers or anyone that reads this blog and understands what I am talking about.

Speak soon,



P.S. Go and enjoy the sun whilst it’s out!

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