The action of delaying or postponing something.

 Has procrastination always been a thing or have Millenials made procrastination a bit of an issue? I mean, I found myself “procrastinating” as I’m about to write a blog on how to stop procrastination. But I found myself doing it and made the conscious decision to STOP and get on with writing.

Have you started doing that thing where you look at your phone a little too often, open social media with no reason, start reading articles, make a coffee or do ANYTHING to avoid doing the work you need to do?

 Here are my 5 tips (and reminders to myself) on How to Stop Procrastinating:

1. If you haven’t already, organise yourself and make a list.

Look at one thing on your list and do it now! Put the energy you’ve been putting into excuses into the task you have in front of you. Action removes stress.

2. Put your phone away from your desk or wherever you are whilst you’re trying to get the things you have on your list done.

Forget about social media for a little while, believe me it’s a nice feeling.

3. Spend more time with people that motivate you and encourage you to take action!

If you need some inspiration from new people; go to events, meet-ups in your area and spend more time with people that drive you.

4. Stop-over complicating things.

There is never a perfect time to do things, if you keep waiting, you will never get things done. Break tasks down into simple things and start doing.

5. Make yourself a coffee or a tea before you start and just get on with it.

Sometimes you just have to STOP avoiding work that needs to be done and look at the great outcomes that will come from it all.

Being a freelance and partly self-employed I understand how sometimes it can be hard to self-motivate yourself and make things happen. I consider myself quite a self- motivated individual, there again I think every self-employed and freelance person is motivated, if not you wouldn’t be doing what you do! I am no expert, just sharing my tips with you and hoping it works for you.

Hope this helped, even if a little.
Happy Doing!



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