“Here is to strong women,

May we Know them,

May we BE them,

May we Raise them”

As you may know I celebrate women every day and encourage them to push themselves, try new things, do things they have always wanted to give a go but felt uncertain about, overcome their fears and have the best time surrounded by other incredible women.

I always like to say you should be WHO and WHAT you want to be. Some of us are lucky enough to have that freedom to make the choices we want, so why not pursue our dream? Why not fight for what we think is right?

I attended the launch of @WatchHerGo this week, a platform to help raise and promote the profile of Women’s Sport in Wales. A brilliant way to engage and celebrate the brilliant girls, women and athletes we have but at the same time make sure they are getting the attention they deserve. As Clare Balding nicely said “You need to shout about what you care about!”

I’m extremely passionate about making women feel they can try ALL the sports they want. No matter what other people hink, you can engage in all sporting activities. Believe me I have had some comments thrown at me like: “Why don’t you take part in more feminine sports!?” or “You’re such a boy!” just because snowboarding is my passion and I was 1 belt away from Black belt in Karate.

Anyway, today like any other day is about reminding yourself how extremely amazing we all are and looking forward to achieving great things.

Be proud of yourself, of what you achieve, love your body for what it allows you to do and make your dreams come true.

Have a lovely day and please get in touch if you want to get involved in any new and FUN SPORTS.




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