According to Google, Swimming in Cold Water has many benefits:

  • It boosts your immune system.
  • It gives you an endorphin high.
  • It enhances your circulation.
  • It increases your libido.
  • It burns more calories.
  • It reduces stress.

Safe to say, it makes you numb, a funny colour red, gives you pins and needles and makes you slightly screech! I can however, vouch that it definitely makes you feel alive and fascinatingly refreshed!

I’ve also been told that a friend of a friend started swimming in cold water to help her stop terrible menopausal symptoms. So, if you are a woman in the early stages of menopause (not that I am), this may be of help?

If you’re wondering why on earth I came up with the idea of getting in the freezing water in March. Well, I made the decision after coming across a group called “Gower Blue Tits”whose purpose is to get together and go for a cold swim. I couldn’t join them so I joined them in spirit.

24thMarch, No wetsuit but the sun was shining.
Honest feelings:

Swimming in Cold Water has many benefits:

  • My legs went numb within 2 minutes
  • I turned a funny colour (red/orange)
  • I was slightly short of breath
  • When I came out and went back in, it felt really warm! (Worth doing!)
  • I was not cold at all when I came out of the water
  • It does make you feel really good! I was exhausted later on, so it probably does burn a lot of calories!

If you’re thinking of giving it a go: make sure you go somewhere safe, don’t go alone and don’t stay in too long!

P.S. Tip: Wear a hat!

And enjoy, have a laugh, it’s quite good fun!

Giorgia xx

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