So, that’s it. 1 year has gone and I have finished my Masters in Sports Broadcasting. I can’t get over how fast time has gone, how much I have learnt and experienced in this time; It feels quite surreal. Now what? I guess it’s that feeling most people get when finishing a degree, a project or a challenge. I’ve worked so hard to achieve this goal, so what comes next?

Well, I feel like I have achieved a lot this year, getting closer to pursuing my dreams. I have finally learnt how to edit decent videos, managed to start a YouTube channel which I have been meaning to do for years, presented, been involved in fun projects, started a blog and much much more! I continue to run my business which I love and work a part-time job. I guess the end of this chapter is beginning of a new one and another door opens up.

As I have mentioned previously I am a great believer in setting yourself goals and achieving them, in fact sometimes I set myself too many. For now, I am focusing on growing my business, whilst continuing to film for my YouTube channel and updating my blog. I will most definitely be keeping you updated about any exciting projects that may come my way too.

But first, I am spending some time where I am the happiest… on snow! So keep updated on my journey!




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