First Trimester: First Steps

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First trimester (week 1-12)

You may have just found out you’re pregnant, you may be trying to conceive or you may be at some stage in your first trimester of pregnancy.  

I thought I’d share my first trimester, the initial steps I took and the coming to terms with my surprise pregnancy. What helped me and where I got my initial information.


So, if you’re currently pregnant and searching for tips or wondering why you’re feeling wonderful or weird, hopefully the next few blogs will help you out. Even if only in the slightest way, read on.


It’s an extraordinary and scary time: coming to terms with the fact you have a little human being that’s growing inside of you and understanding the changes that will come in the next few months. From feeling sick all of the time and being extremely tired, to waiting for the first scan, actually seeing baby and hoping everything is OK is a nerve racking period.


Let’s rewind a little to the start of this journey. I found out I was pregnant around week 4. It was just a few days before going on holidays to visit my father in Italy. As I mentioned in my previous blog, it was a mixture of emotions and the start of a new and fascinating journey.


I mean, it started with- OK, I’ve done a test now what do I do next?


STEP 1: Was telling my fiancé’.

I always had this idea of revealing the news in a romantic and fun way, perhaps even capturing his reaction on camera when the time came. Well, all of that went out of the window when it came to it and I just wanted to tell him in the simplest way. I personally ended up wrapping the test in a tissue paper and telling him I had “something for him”.

I still wish I had put my camera up to caption the moment as a memory. Nevertheless, it’s easy to say that I couldn’t hold my tears back.


STEP 2: Was telling my mum and his parents.

More tears- of joy, nervousness and that overwhelming feeling of “Yes, this is happening”! Some people decide to keep it to themselves for a little while, I personally really wanted to tell my mum and to have her support throughout the whole journey. However, I wasn’t prepared to tell anyone else other than close family until the first scan. Giving myself time to come to terms with the huge changes I would be soon facing.


STEP 3: Was to go and see my GP and find out what on earth I had to do next.

Luckily my local GP has a midwife who works there a few shifts a week so I booked an appointment with her. I had a few queries about travelling so soon into pregnancy but was advised there would be no issues. So just go visit your GP and they will advise you on your next steps.


I discovered all the things you aren’t able to eat when pregnant. Going to Italy was slightly annoying and a little disappointing for me since I LOVE my food soooo much and had to be careful with all the cut meats, seafoods and cheeses that you can’t eat during pregnancy.

If you haven’t done so already, go and visit: to find out what you should be aware of. I always tried to stick to nhs websites when looking up info.


I found myself continuously googling whether I could eat certain foods and how they had to be consumed- something I had NEVER worried about before. However, in an ingenious sort of way by body started to avoid certain foods which I wasn’t meant to eat anyway. Clever hey?!


In my next blog I’ll be sharing my Symptoms, Cravings and Tips from my first trimester of pregnancy. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled, and in the meantime if you are feeling sick- eat little and often, try and enjoy your pregnancy, put your feet up and relish this experience.


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