New Year hits us and we are suddenly flooded by adverts on how to lose weight, fad diets and gym promotions; coupled with the fear of getting fit and healthy for the New Year. But what does “getting active”actually entail?

I’m a great believer of finding something you enjoy, because no matter how good you think joining a gym will be for you, if you don’t enjoy it you just won’t stick it out! So if you don’t like the idea of going to the gym then look elsewhere, maybe a dance class? Martial arts? Skateboarding/ mountain biking/ swimming/ surfing.. The list is endless!

I think the word “active”or “fit”are often confused. People have often commented on me thinking I am super fit because I do a lot of sports. OK, to say I am unfit would be wrong but I certainly can find a load of people that can run a half marathon quicker than me or have more stamina.

The most important thing if you are looking to “get active”is to start with little steps and focus on what YOU really enjoy! Join a club, find a community group, a meetup or check my Letzshare events out- why not! I mean, after all getting active can be walking to work instead of catching the bus or driving.. But how long is that going to last, if you don’t enjoy doing it- especially in winter. If you do however, go for it! It’s a great start.

Now, go make a list of what you want to try, do some research online and go and give it a go! Life is too short. Oh, and don’t bother with fad diets!


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