My name is Giorgia Rescigno, also known as Jojo Jayne and I live in Wales. I’m 25 years old, finishing a Masters in Sports Broadcasting, whilst running my own business called Letzshare, working part-time and freelancing. Some may see this as a crazy lifestyle- but I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way. (OK, maybe more snowboarding would be great!) My blog will be a way of me sharing my life experiences from sports and adventures outdoors, to business and being a female entrepreneur.

I have always been passionate about sports and physical activities in general- may they be indoors, outdoors, on snow, water or land; and I have now decided to pass my passion onto others with Letzshare and use this blog to help inspire other women do what inspires them!

I am not a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions and not a believer in strict diets or fast weight loss programmes. I am however a massive believer in setting realistic goals and achieving them. So don’t feel like you need to lock the chocolate bars in the cupboard or sign up to a marathon and get training TODAY, but writing goals down that you can achieve without too much stress and taking on something that will make you feel good is always a great way to start! I’m starting with a new blog.

So, wishing you a Healthy & Happy 2019!

Feel free to message me with any queries or for collaborations!




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