It’s that time of year and I am itching to get on the slopes again. That’s right, Snowboarding is my passion and I am addicted to the sport! If you have ever tried it you will know what I mean but if you haven’t yet had the chance to try it, I hope this blog will eventually make you want to give it a go.

I started at the age of 8 and have never looked back, I went onto competing at international level and now do it for the love of it (unfortunately now I live far from snow so it has become a little harder to get to). I am a lover of the beach too don’t get me wrong and have taken up surfing. Though the views you get from the top of a mountain are unbeatable, coupled with the fresh air, blue skies and the feeling of flying down a mountain. I mean it’s like a dream, right?

As a teenager I used to be the last out on a night out and the first on the slopes, waiting for the first cabins at 8.45am. I could spend all day going up and down slopes and never got bored. I don’t think there are many activities you could do for 7 hours straight without getting bored, or am I wrong?

If you are reading this and are thinking: I could never try that, I’m too old to snowboard, there is nowhere I can do it in the UK… Well you are wrong my dear, you are definitely not too old, you most certainly can give it a go and we have dry slopes and indoor ski domes all around the UK- so no excuses. Here are just a couple for you to check out:

Cardiff Ski and Snowboard Centre

Llangranog Ski Centre

Pontypool Ski and Snowboard Centre

Hemel Hempstead Snow Centre

Snozone Milton Keynes

I will be heading to the slopes soon, so will give you an update and follow up with the essential to bring on a snow holiday!
In the mean time, if you’re going away and have any questions at all, please get in touch!



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