OMG, I’m pregnant! What to do when you find out you’re pregnant..

Yes, that’s right. That’s exactly how I felt when I saw those two pink lines on the pregnancy test I held between my hands a week in the middle of July. An avalanche of emotions, thoughts and feelings came flooding down on me.


WAS this really happening? Was I actually pregnant or could the test be wrong?
That same day I went to buy another and “more expensive” pregnancy test to be sure, and guess what.. This time is stated it in words “PREGNANT”.


You may think that if I tried a pregnancy test in the first place, I must have expected this to happen. Well, I’m sure you’ve all had a “scare” before and bought a pregnancy test just in case and, to find out if you were or weren’t pregnant. To be totally honest I’m not sure what I was expecting whilst peeing on this little white test. My period was a little late, I felt a bit weird but nothing drastic.. and BOOM I was pregnant.


I think more people should talk about the overwhelming emotions that come along with finding out you are pregnant. It’s an incredible thing and totally amazing, however it’s one of the biggest changes that one could face in their life.


All I kept thinking was: Am I ready for this? Am I in the right position for this? Is everything going to be OK? I want to be self-employed, is this going to work? Can we afford a baby?


Next step was telling my partner and parents… Well, after a few tears (of happiness, nervousness and of “omg this is really happening” ), hugs and some time I got used to the idea of becoming a parent and having one tiny baby growing inside of me.


I have always wanted to be a mum and experience the amazing thing of growing, nurturing and teaching a little one (to snowboard and a lot more of course!), but believe you me- I wasn’t prepared but ready for the adventure to come..


I’ll be trying to update my blog with the various experiences, symptoms and changes during the trimesters and any tips/ advice I can give any other mums to be out there. This is going to be as honest and truthful and Fun as I can be.


Enjoy the ride lovely ladies





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